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Our job at Annunziato Jiu Jitsu is to help individuals find their passion in martial arts and lead them towards success. You will be coached efficiently and meticulously as we fine-tune your skills, develop your growth and increase your determination. We lift our students up to learn from their mistakes, and train hard and improve. We value repetition and continuous efforts towards retention and resilience. Our students enjoy themselves during our BJJ classes and will feel an improvement in confidence, focus, and stress management while training. The camaraderie that martial arts training creates stems from a mutual understanding regardless of age, backgrounds, and skills. It provides a strong foundation of problem-solving and confidence for all Annunziato students.

Our Lineage: Kano > Mitsuyo Maeda > Carlos Gracie Sr. > Carlos Machado > Travis Lutter > Benjamin Annunziato
Owner and Head Instructor

About Our


Annunziato Jiu Jitsu owner Benjamin Annunziato started his Jiu Jitsu journey about thirteen years ago and fell in love instantaneously.

Within his first three years of training, Benjamin quit his job of making eyeglasses in order to pursue BJJ full time. He decided to fully dedicate himself to the martial art that made him a better person. He strived to follow in his coach’s footsteps to become a coach himself and establish strong credentials in order to open his gym. Today Benjamin is a three time world masters champion and a recognizable face throughout the Jiu Jitsu community. Starting his teaching journey came naturally due to his family background in education. Benjamin achieved his goal of opening Annunziato Jiu Jitsu in September 2022 and continues to fulfill his students’ dreams through BJJ.

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